Casa de Terena - Alentejo, Portugal

In the heart of Portugal lies the Alentejo. And in the heart of the Alentejo lies Terena.

For 2000 years, this idyllic village has hosted travellers: Celts, Romans (Julius Caesar himself), Moors, Spanish and French have left their mark here. Terena today is untouched by mass tourism – stroll its cobbled streets, their white-washed houses decorated only by roses and bouganvillea and discover at its heart the grand house that in its 300 years, has been Bishop's Manor, courthouse, school and now… a intimate hotel offering a rural haven for those seeking the real Portugal.

Casa de Terena - the 'House of Terena' awaits you…

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Portugal's Rural Paradise - The Alentejo
The Alentejo is Portugal's most unspoiled region - and Casa de Terena offers the ideal holiday base for discovering this rural idyll.

These web pages will give you a glimpse of both this wonderfully unspoiled region and of the Casa that will be your home from home while here. Please click on our gallery to view images and guest reviews of what is truly one of Europe's most special places.

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